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A nurse must understand the developmental level of a client to better assist them in providing the best quality of care. This is so important to understand the different levels of development and to be able to identify the clients level of knowledge. This will allow the nurse to promote healing and proper well-being for that child. Adolescents may be able to understand what is going on a little better, but yet parents are still the guardian and make the final decision. The pediatric nurse must continually support the patient by promoting health, understanding the developmental stages, considering stressors, understanding complementary alternative medicine (CAM), and education on safety considerations. Role of a Pediatric Nurse As the role of…show more content…
Adolescents may struggle with eating disorders, such as anorexia or bulimia. This period has intense change and can bring a great deal of stress, confusion, and anxiety (Shapero & Steinberg, 2013). Not only is that a factor, but this age group is very concerned about what others think of them and how they look. Physical transformation happens and can conflict with self-esteem. All these changes in such a short amount of time lead to an abundant amount of confusion. Eating disorders are used as a coping mechanisms to face their situations and attempt to gain control. This psychological disorder is very prevalent during adolescent and school age…show more content…
The number one stressor is getting a proper education, while being in the hospital. It may not be the adolescents first concern, but for the parent it will be. This can cause delays and concerns of keeping up with schoolwork and getting back to school (Dwyer-Matzky, Blatt, Asselin, & Wood, 2017). For adolescents their main concern is social interaction with their friends and fitting in. They may fear separation from their friend group and fear of rejection because they may be deemed “different” now. In the older adolescents, they may be concerned with the loss of independence, control, and privacy. Appearance is still really important to them and may fear change of body image and appearance. If an adolescent is hospitalized they may fear not being able to be in a relationship with the opposite sex. It may be hard to find a significant other when they are at their worst. They may not feel good or confident enough to find a significant other. These stressors cause major fear in the adolescent population, they may become withdrawn because it is so

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