Motors Organizational Strategy

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The strategic factors that lessen General Motors Company’s and Hyundai’s organizational growth and development are considered here. A few these issues are organizational characteristics that constrain employee contributions to the performance of the automotive business. General Motors •Bureaucracy in organizational culture and structure Bureaucracy is a major weakness that General Motors’ organizational culture currently aims to address. Such bureaucracy is responsible for limitations in the company’s flexibility in responding to issues in the external environment. Although this bureaucracy is also based on General Motors’ organizational structure, top managers consider culture as a primary means of addressing the matter (Young, 2017).…show more content…
For example, General Motors offers only Chevrolet automobiles in India, and there are no Cadillac automobiles in Argentina or Brazil (Young, 2017). Strategic decision makers at GM must allow for flexibility in relevant strategies. In creating worldwide methodology, it is helpful to recognize three types of universal development that emerge from an organization's assets, abilities and current global position. If the company is still mainly focused on its home markets, then its strategies outside its home markets can be seen as international. •Limited business diversification General Motors suffers from limited business diversification. General Motors has only two key businesses – its automotive business and GM Financial, a financial services business. Limited diversification exposes the company to greater market-based risks (Young, 2017). General Motors should maintain their strategies such as market development, product development and market penetration along with strengthening their sales force and export skills. Hyundai • Poor brand portfolio, leading to fewer…show more content…
At this point the employees of General Motor will not be motivated; the management needs to bring faith back into the employees. Several recommendations for Hyundai and they include: • The vision and mission, as well as the plan to achieve the companies' objectives, need to be in sync with the objectives which have been set up in the long term agenda of the organization. • The strategy needs to be absolutely clear and values need to be clearly defined. The values of the organization should be aligned with that of the stakeholders. The alignment would happen by integration of the process, procedures as well as policies and with that success is inevitable. • The objectives which are long term would be better achieved if they match the vision and the purpose of the individuals involved. • Talks should always be there between the management and the employees of Hyundai so that every concern and want is out in the open and the learning collaborates and systems are there so that information sharing happens. •The work of Hyundai would be to stay with the objectives of the management and the leadership would step in the right direction for a very positive

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