Rough Draft Short Story

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“Dan, Dan! Wake Up!” I hear as I wake up in a fright at my desk. Ms. Neuhaus is at my desk telling me to pack up because I am leaving early. I pack up and leave. Noa and I were going to have a sleepover that night because it was a Friday, so I hoped that I didn’t anywhere for too long. I walk to the office happy that I was leaving early. When I get to the office, my mom grabs my arm and rushes me out of the door. We get into the car and rush home. As soon as I get home, I discover that we are going somewhere. My sister and dad are already at home. We have two bags of luggage. I ask my mom about where we are going. She says that we are going to my Uncle John’s ranch in Fresno. He invited us to ride their horses and spend two nights. We all get ready to go. When we leave, I call Noa and tell him that I have to cancel. We pack up all of our bags and leave. It takes us five and a half hours to get there. By the time we get there, it is almost eight o’clock, and we just go…show more content…
We eat breakfast and begin with the horses. I look at the horses and suddenly feel afraid of them. I think of so many things that could happen. They all go by in a rush. I get the chills as we approach them. We get there and begin riding. My sister steps up. Uncle John chooses Peanut for Jessica. Jessica rides the horse, and has a good time riding Peanut. She gets off and yells, “That was great!” Uncle John says that it was my turn now. I pick myself up and get on Chocolate. We walk her for a little while and then we run. I tell her to slow down and pull on her saddle. She slows down a little. I tell her to go faster and she runs. I suddenly lose the fright that I had earlier. I get off and say, “That wasn’t as bad as I thought. I was so scared of horses before I rode Chocolate.” Uncle John said, “You have just conquered one of your fears, Dan. Good job kiddo!” We head back home, and Aunty Jen had cooked hamburgers for dinner. We enjoy the meal, and have a good night’s

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