Rough Draft Short Story

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The days started getting hotter than lava and more people started crowding the fence to get into the pool. As I sat and waited for twelve o’ clock to roll around, I could smell the hotdogs on the burner sizzling like the hot summer sun. The sound they made was a continuous crackling and the grease snapped in the air. The fried smell mixed in the air with the scent of pizza partially burning in the oven. Coming from outside of the fence, you could hear the kids screaming and whining to get into the pool and start swimming, but the clock refused to hit that special hour. As we turned on the cash registers and got ready for the long exhausting day, the clock finally tackled noon. Busy as bees, we hustled around the concessions stand. From taking…show more content…
Due to the children causing a scene, everyone by the tables looked at this woman, giving her signs and signals to stop, but she was oblivious. Continuing on past after she paid, the screeching of her old baby carriage drifted away and I ran to the other window to get a better look. As my eyes searched for more physical information about this family, I caught a glimpse of a child inside the carriage. The child only had on a diaper and that was not even shut. Pain and disgust zapped through my body, leaving me with a feeling as if I had to react to what I just…show more content…
Immediately striking a deep conversation, in a drained voice, she spoke about the tough labor she goes through alongside her husband at the local mechanic shop. Following that, she has to worry about picking up her three children from the daycare. Even when they are struggling at the end of each week trying to make ends meet, they do everything they can to make their kids thankful for what they have. She then went along to say how so many people give her dirty looks from her appearance, but people passing by do not understand that it is really just from her job. By having to watch the kids when she gets home, she cannot shower till late at night which leaves her covered in grime till the early hours of the morning. She further explained that she has so many things on her mind that sometimes she leaves tasks half completed. This statement explained the reasoning behind the baby’s diaper. Hearing this woman’s story, I finally realized that I was the one judging people who came in and out of the pool without even knowing how hard of a road they have traveled

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