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(Rough Draft) Chicago: Downtown In the summer of 2014, I traveled to Chicago. Chicago is a gigantic city located in the state of Illinois. It is also known as the “Windy City”; not because of the wind, but because in the 1800s politicians were known to talk excessively long at conventions. I visited Chicago to watch/film my best friend, Jordaan, Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) basketball tournament games. I had a wonderful experience while in Chicago that dealt with the wacky weather, amazing venues, diverse people, and the various smells. Chicago’s weather is figuratively bipolar. In the morning, it was scorching hot because the sun was showing no remorse with it’s rays. It was so hot that if I wanted to cook a gourmet breakfast on the sidewalk;…show more content…
For example, there were three people on the sidewalk, giving out free hugs to anyone. I thought that gesture was striking because you usually don’t see people doing acts like that in todays society. Second, the unfortunate people. While exploring downtown Chicago, there were homeless people located on every street corner. I remember Jordaan telling me that there was, but I didn’t take him seriously. I had to see it for myself. They wore dirty and torn clothes, bad hygiene, and had impoverished looks on their faces. The number of people who are homeless in Chicago is unbelievable. Fast-food restaurants such as McDonalds, Wendy’s, and Burger king locked up their condiments to prevent homeless people from just coming in and eating it. Lastly, we have the impatient people. For instance, I could have been hit by a car several times while crossing the street! Once that traffic light turns green you better be out of the street; Otherwise, Chicago’s drivers won’t hesitate to run you over! For example, there were several people crossing the street. The traffic light had turned green and the people were still crossing the street. The cars started to honk ferociously at the people to hurry up. Once that last person in the group touched the sidewalk, the cars hit the pedal to the metal and took off down the

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