How Does A Drop Of Water Fit On A Penny

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Purpose We are performing this lab to find out how many drops of water can fit on a penny Also to learn about variables Hypothesis The surface tension won't be as good with hot water because the atoms will be farther apart. Procedure Materiales thermointer eye dropper 200ml of room-temperature water paper towels 1 penny Experiment Controlled setup place penny on flat surface tails up using room-temperature water, add a drop of water once at a time to the top of the penny. Count the number of drops added to the penny before the surface tension brakes. Dry off the penny Repeat steps 1-4 4 times Experimental setup Place the penny on a flat surface tails up. using hot water, add a drop of water at once time to the top of the penny.…show more content…
The indebpendant variabe was the hot water.One of the variables was if the table was shaking that would make the water on the penny shake which could cause the surface tension. If you were dropping fast the drop could break surface tension if the water was falling too fast. The temperature change of the hot water, it would cool down over a period of time. The size difference of the drop, the drop could be big but it is still one drop and a small drop still counts as one, making it so that it would have a high number with small drops and lower with big drops. Were you dropped the water could have an effect by hitting the water of blace then breaking surface tension. if it was heads or tails the bumps on it could affect the surface tension. The angle of the dropper was on its side or straight down it could affect the size of the drop . Breathing on the penny could affect how the water moved and you could blow the water off the penny. If you hands were shaking could affect where the water was dropped, could affect the height of the drop, and it could also affect the size of the drop. if the water dropper touched the water it could cause the surface tension to

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