Personal Narrative: Comic Book Heroes

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Many years ago, there was a small, nine-year-old girl with short, sandy blonde hair skipping across a section of cracking blacktop. Licking her index finger and sticking it into the air, she kept moving until she was absolutely certain the wind would not disturb her. She found her place against a browning brick wall. The girl scoped out the area, checking to make sure nobody would see what she was doing, and pulled out a yellow three-ring binder from under her arm. She put her pencil against the paper inside and soon, the world blurred away. In its place there was a world of heroes and villains, where the lines between good and evil always came out as black as night. In that moment, the girl was not a quiet little kid, but instead a brave,…show more content…
It was during a time when I felt alone in the world and really needed a hero. Comic book heroes are alright, but they just could not relate to a normal person. In the early two-thousands, a lot of movies were still in the stages of making heroes have powerful and awesome lives, with the occasional lady problem. I needed a hero that would understand me, so I created one. I started forming stories around protagonists that lived with normal problems related to childhood and the “dream teen” life, but also larger than life consequences and rewards, and never relationships because I was at the age where I thought people had “cooties”. It helped me out a lot until I did start to have good things come to…show more content…
It is the golden archway into the deepest recesses of my mind. Maya Angelou once said: “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” For me, that is exactly how it is. If I cannot write, I cannot see what deeper problems are troubling me, and it is almost like there is a storm raging inside my head and it is showing no sign of decreasing in size. With a pen in my hand, I can experience whatever emotion I want and have any reaction imaginable, where as if I did that in real life, I could get into some serious trouble. It soothes me. Writing is an essential part of my self

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