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Caleb Gretsky IBP Proposal rough draft 9/29/15 How could I apply my interest in filmmaking while completing school requirements? This E.Q. is good because it will help me with time and rolls two separate projects into one. I want to go to school for film and I would like to build my film portfolio that I will send to schools. The product I will create will be a short film that will involve homelessness and will hopefully show that people act a certain way when they are around a certain group of people but then are entirely different when they are alone. For this trimester I will show only my script during my exhibition and next trimester I will start filming. When the product is done, I will show it at public presentations as well as…show more content…
The movie will be roughly ten minutes long. The P.G. portion will be the theme of the film which is homelessness. I will meet the CO goal by making sure my film meets the Participation in Government requirement. I will meet the SR goal by watching five episodes from the show “Story of Film: An Odyssey” during each episode I will take notes then when i am done with the show I will write a research paper. I will meet the QR goal by using the 180 rule, perspective, vanishing point, editing, and sound syncing. Three slides in my IBP power point will be dedicated to my QR requirement. I will meet the ER goal by researching film processing then I will create a venn diagram comparing thirty years ago to now. I will meet the PQ goal by staying organized, staying on task, cooperating, creating products, and showing evidence. Lastly the AE, I will use several different camera angels to catch good camera shots and I will also use different cameras from cannons to Go-Pro Hero 3, all of these different factors will make my film even better. Resources I need are cameras, microphones, wind sock, lights, quad copter, computer, iMovie, music, makeup, and costumes. People I need are David, Ken, the actors, someone to help film, Sue, and Christine. I will be done when I have met all of the edits I need to make on my film. I will finish the final script by the end of my

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