Heal Inspire Revive Analysis

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In presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson’s ad “Heal Inspire Revive,” he is sold to the audience as the leader this country needs. There are no specific arguments made in the video, but the music, images, and narration come together to be emotionally convincing. This works toward the ultimate goal of the ad, to get people to vote for Dr. Carson, in a much more subtle way, by letting the viewers come to that conclusion without being told. The goal of the ad is to convince viewers that Dr. Ben Carson can fix the problems in America. There are very few specific examples or facts given. It is mostly composed of opinionated blanket statements such as, “We can no longer afford the continuing dysfunction of opposing partisan rancor or the empty rhetoric…show more content…
Carson is portrayed as a strong, confident, patriotic leader who can meet America’s current needs. The video begins by listing known problems in the federal government such as political elitists and polarized opinions. No examples are given. It is left to the viewer to remember specific instances. For example, n 2013 the inability to meet in the middle on Obamacare and the federal budget caused a government shutdown. Also, according to Chris Morran of Consumerist, internet providers like Comcast and AT&T made substantial donations to Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s campaign fund, so she introduced a bill that would grant these corporations more freedom and tear down net neutrality. The ad is bringing up feelings of distrust by mentioning topics like these. Then it appeals to american pride by showing pictures of the constitution, a bald eagle, and the Statue of Liberty and talking about the people’s “brilliant and unstoppable” ingenuity. “It is our time to work together, all of us, each with their own unique talents to bring insight to the challenges we face,” it says. The video finishes with the description of an ideal leader and a picture of Dr. Carson. Without saying his name, it implies that he is, “someone who is more concerned about the next generation than the next election, who knows the pursuit of happiness.” This ad does a good job of selling the candidate to the audience as the leader this country

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