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Fiction Essay-Rough Draft In the short story, “A Rose for Emily”, the authors use of tone, setting and character conveys how the visions of America were changing during this time period. This story begins at the funeral of the elderly woman, Miss Emily Grieson. No one has seen Miss Emily in ten years, except her housekeeper who has worked for her for many years. At one time Miss Emily’s family was a name of prestige because her father was very high up in the Confederate Army, but as time went on the prestige that once came with her name died. The town had a special relationship with Miss Emily since 1894, when she was permanently pardoned from paying all taxes to the city. This relationship between the city and Miss Emily worked well for many years, until newer generations began to take control of government. The newer generations went to talk to Miss Emily about paying her taxes, but she refused. Before this confrontation with Miss Emily, there was only one time that the city ever had a problem with Miss Emily.…show more content…
After the death of Miss Emily’s father she is left alone in her home, her only family being distant relatives in another state. Miss Emily begins dating Homer Barron (the man who came to work on the city’s sidewalks) and the townspeople heavily disapproves of this relationship and call Miss Emily’s distant family to come in for an “intervention”. Miss Emily’s family comes and talks some since into her and they leave. A few days later Miss Emily is seen at the drug store buying arsenic, she refuses to tell the pharmacist what she is using it the poison for. The pharmacist and the rest of the town worries that Miss Emily is going to use the poison to kill herself, but to their surprise they find her buying gifts for a man. They assume that Miss Emily and Homer are finally getting married, but they never see Homer

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