Four Year Research Paper

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Most people ask me why have I chosen to spend the next four years of my life in college? After my three years of high school I got all my research about what I wanted to do or become. I came to a conclusion that I want to become a register nurse, which you need for years of college. Before deciding to go to college I thought of all the ways college can benefit my life. After college I plan to be successful, earn more knowledge, and begin my career as a registered nurse. Many humans ask how does college make you successful? In our world today to be considered successful you have to have a college degree, either your Bachelors or Masters or both. College helps individuals grow for instance to set goals and achieve them, to organize, and work…show more content…
Registered nurses are trained to care for the sick, which means giving medical treatment. Choosing my major was the most difficult decision of my life I had my doubts about nursing because some patients are flat out mean and nurses work many hours. Additionally why I want to become a registered nurse because growing up my grandma was an RN and she was intelligent and passionate for what she did. I find nursing interesting also as a commitment just like you were involved with a sports team. Choosing college for the next four years was a tough decision. Entering my senior year I thought long and hard about how I want to plan my future. College is the best decision for me therefore I want to become a registered nurse. RN’s help those in need, make tons of money, and work several hours. Becoming a nurse really caught my attention because I love helping others, I also like to have money, and I am an outgoing individual in that case I wouldn’t mind working many hours. That’s why I have chosen college for the next four years after high school. I plan to achieve all my goals in life and become an intelligent and successful young

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