Process Analysis: Why I Volunteer At The Shelter

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Process Analysis Rough Draft Anything that is done has a reason behind it. Many volunteers have a reason behind their kind acts. “that hospital was so nice to my family, I would love to give back to them,” or, “ I love helping the animals, that is why I volunteered at the shelter,” Whatever the reason is, Volunteering is a wonderful thing to be a part of. As a respectable citizen, it is our civic duty to volunteer. Volunteering helps making the community a better place, along with shaping the volunteer into a better person. Whether it is helping at an animal shelter, giving your spare time in a soup kitchen, or the simple act of donating clothes, every volunteer is appreciated. Volunteering has an abundance of benefits. In my paper, I will…show more content…
They have a soup kitchen that is always craving extra help, they love having help repairing Salvation Army camps, or providing after school tutoring. If you don’t have any time, you can donate the clothes you do not wear anymore, make gift baskets during Christmas, or donate a few groceries for the food pantry. Most of the volunteering they ask of civilians is simple. My favorite thing to volunteer for is the soup kitchen, I have been volunteering there since 2008. As a willing volunteer, my job was whatever they needed help with that day. Most of the time, I served food on the weekends. While you are there the people are overly grateful, they share their stories, and it is a fun way to spend your free day. The only skill the volunteer needs is a willingness to help. While the tasks are simple, they take dedication. The volunteering is different from anything you are used to. My example of this is the first time I volunteered in the soup kitchen. I did not know what to expect. The first thing I was greeted with was grouchy men, I was caught off guard. My thoughts were they would be happy, to receive the free food I was dishing out. Of course a lot of people were grateful, there was many sights that were off putting. When you volunteer at a homeless shelter, you have to have an open mind and caring heart. The feeling of helping out in your community is outweighs any hardship that can be encountered when you

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