Road Safety Factors

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The economic and societal costs of road safety incidents make road safety incidents a major public health concern. The NHTSA estimates that in the U.S., motor vehicle crashes have an estimated cost of close to a 900 billion dollars a year( in economic and societal costs and until recently, all efforts to reduce their impacts have focused on improving survivability of victims of road safety incidences, improving passive safety systems or reducing the incidences of impaired driving. These methods though effective at reducing the amount of fatalities, have also increased the economic costs of crashes (by 20% between 2000 and 2010). Recent advances in data…show more content…
This includes data definition, collection, processing, cleaning, exploration, modeling and communication. Road safety refers to the methods and measures used to prevent road users from being killed or seriously injured. Autonomous vehicles are vehicles that are capable of sensing its environment and navigating this environment without human input. These vehicles leverage a variety of equipment, which help them map their environment accurately in order to make the informed decisions. This equipment can be broadly grouped into sensors (responsible for gathering information about the environment), processors (responsible for processing sensor data to make decisions) and actuators (responsible for acting on the output of processed data). The SAE classifies autonomy on a continuum of 0 – 5 with 0 referring to no automation and level 5 referring to full automation under all roadway and environmental conditions that can be managed by a human…show more content…
Advances in data analysis have contributed to the development of various levels of autonomy vehicles, which help the vehicles, make decisions based on the information collect and analyzed about their immediate environment. These advances, although not yet wide spread, have increased the level of safety for their occupants and other road users, but are still susceptible to error due to their reliance on humans to make the final decisions. To guarantee a safer future for all road users, humans will have to be taken out of the equation so fully automated vehicles can dominate our highways. The realization of this aspiration has been made tangible due to advance data analysis which makes decision make real-time decision from big data

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