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There are several studies analyzed and determined the factors affecting roadside accidents, number of deaths and injuries. Various methods are used to collect and analyze data and found diverse results. (Spoerri, Egger & Elm, 2010) examined socio demographic and geographical determinants of road traffic mortality in Switzerland used 2000 census data from 2000 to 2005, found increased mortality in cyclist and pedestrians after the age of 55 years. Mortality rate in individuals with primary education, in single, in widowed and divorced individuals as compared to tertiary education or married persons is high. Found strong association in education and pedestrians and road traffic accident mortality increasing with decreasing population density…show more content…
By using statistical package R to fit a linear model concluded that accidents are not occurring uniformly in a day but at the time of school run and at the time of rush more number of accidents occurred. The suggested for policy makers to reduce overall traffic level. (Mejias et al., 2014) conducted a research on gender related differences in driving behavior causing accidents. For this they the execute cross sectional study, sampled 1574 students to fill Questionnaire about distance travelled, risk driving behavior and the usage of safety devices as seat belt’ during road accidents and found that men have more risky behavior and less usage of safety devices during driving that causes increasing number of road accidents. It is familiar that men involved more severe accidents as compare to women (Morgan & Mannering,…show more content…
Roadside accident injuries are eighth leading cause of death if not controlled today road traffic accident will be third leading cause of disease or injury and will be third leading cause of death in the world in 2020. Road Accidents are not economically burdened the economy but also taking the lives of many people each year. Rate of mortality is comparatively high in developing countries and the loss in the form of economic cost. As in the developing economies estimated cost (include police, hospital, ambulance and sick leave cost) is 1.5% of the Gross National

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