The Dangers Of Speeding Research Paper

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Thirty-three percent of all fatal crashes and life altering situations in a vehicle are caused by speeding. Speeding puts many lives around you in danger. Each year, thirteen thousand lives are lost due to speeding. When in a vehicle speeding leads to riskier behavior. Most drivers often do not wear seatbelt’s, this form of risky behavior encourages other dangerous consequences. Many teens are at higher risk of speeding due to a thrill factor. New drivers are unaware of the possible consequences or deny the possible consequences of their decisions behind the wheel. Teens have very little experience behind the wheel, however this increases the chances of accidents and injuries along with the risk factors of making unwise decisions. Speeding…show more content…
Speeding is very costly. Speeding causes the potential life or death or another citizen, traffic tickets with fines ranging in prices, speeding also increases the amount of gas you need to fuel your car, and the possibility of losing your license. Speeding is not worth losing everything or putting others in danger. Speeding is not always a law that is broken on the highway. Speeding is done in many areas such as residential streets, city area, congested roads, farm roads/ rural areas, valleys, and highways. There is no right place or right time to speed because the consequences can be crucial and life threatening. Speeding does not only put your life in danger, but above all it puts other pedestrians and animals in danger for your poor decision making. Speeding, results in the following: you have less time to avoid accidents, you have less control over your vehicle, and it lengthens your total stopping distance potentially increasing your chances of getting into an accident. Speeding is a very dangerous act that never has a certain outcome and causes many risk factors to

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