An Analysis Of Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal

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During the late 1800s Ireland and its people went through a very rough time. Not only did they struggle economically, but also the food that they depended on was scarce. Later you will be able to read a more in depth description of the situation of the country. On the other hand, at the same time, a famous Irish writer called Jonathan Swift wrote an essay called “A Modest Proposal”. In this essay he proposed a possible solution to the problem Ireland was going through. At the end of his work he said he was open to other suggestions for a better solution to the problem. Today we give different alternatives for the solution of Ireland’s situation. Also, we highlight the advantages that each proposal we offer will give Ireland and the world. Let…show more content…
In one way or another, its purpose is still the same. Firstly, when the poor work for the rich, they are earning money by the sweat of his forehead, work and effort. In this way, his salary is very well deserved. Secondly, when other countries help economically to Ireland, they are investing, so are being beneficiated from the situation. Thirdly, if England decreases the taxes implemented, it would be a great act of nobility from them. Fourthly, if this law is carried out, it would be very beneficial in different aspects. Since the poor cannot beget children, first of all, they would not come to the world to suffer. They would neither go through hunger or diseases that could lead to death. Eventually, the poor population could decrease gradually until it completely disappears. Fifthly, if the rich buy or adopt babies already born, they would have a better future. They could have an education and maybe a profession. Also, they would be well fed and suffer from fewer diseases. Lastly, if the countries pitied of Ireland send food and water, they could survive the big problem that they are going through. It is a simple thing to do, with a lot of significance to the ones who need. In addition, when they are sharing what they have with those needing at the time, they are not only helping a country, but while they do it, are encouraging values, effort and

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