Road Accident Analysis

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Abstract. When a road accident happens, the victims are taken to hospital after a delay.Because of this kind of delay number of people die on the way to hospital or on the spot. This system will rectify this problem. When an accident occurs this device will send a text message to the mobile number of the near by ambulance service. It will also send message to the Police control room , near by Government hospital and to a near by private hospital. Keywords: Accident, Sensors, message 1 Introduction As India sees a sharp rise in sale of personal vehicles, it is witness to another unfortunate rise, in number of deaths in road mishaps — around 1,05,000 every year, reports World Health Organization in its report on “Decade of Action for Road…show more content…
If the accidents happen in remote high ways and if no one is available nearby, then it may be delayed to inform and get an ambulance and to inform the police. Because of this delay in sending the victims to the hospital, large number of people die on the spot or on the way to the hospital. This new system, “Road Accident Informer system”, will rectify this problem. A device can be designed to send information about the accidents to a nearby ambulance service, the high way Patrol, control room, nearby government hospital, nearby private hospitals and nearby police station. After receiving the information, the ambulance will rush to the spot and unnecessary delay will be avoided. This device can be used for the vehicles like car, van, bus, truck etc. Even after getting the information, sometimes it may be delayed for the ambulance to arrive at the spot. Since the accident information simultaneously reach the police station and high way patrol. They will check whether the ambulance reached the spot or not. If there is any delay, they will make necessary…show more content…
1. Road Accident Informer System 2.3 Sensors Vibration sensors are the initial source of information for this device. It is crucial that sensors be properly selected to ensure reliable signal information. The small moving parts in acoustic and vibration micro sensors are especially susceptible to mechanical noise resulting from molecular agitation. For sensors designed for small-signal applications, this mechanical-thermal noise is often one of the limiting noise components. Since a few decades ago, fiber optic sensors technology has experimented a revolution by the hand of fiber optic telecommunication product outgrowths with optoelectronic devices [1][2][3][4]. Intensity-based sensor techniques have been studied and implemented in the last 25 years. A wide range of configurations can be used, such as fiber micro bending, fiber-to-fiber coupling, moving masks/gratings, and modified cladding [5, 6–13]. Sensors are selected based on the frequency range. Since the vibration level will be very high during the collision of the vehicles and it is the primary source of information, it is very important to select a appropriate

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