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Among the plants that do not have chlorophyll, oyster mushrooms are the most appropriate choice for cultivation (Read: oyster mushroom cultivation) because of its ease and many health benefits such as: Increase immunity, controlling bad cholesterol in the body, ward off free radicals and so forth. There are various types of cuisine that can be processed with this basic ingredients. In addition to the menu side dishes, oyster needles can also be made as a snack or snack. Because it should not be surprised by the increasing number of people interested in glancing mushroom cultivation as a new business opportunity. The benefits that can be obtained from this business is quite tempting. However, it is better before starting, to know in advance the right way or method of cultivation so that the risk…show more content…
In order for this problem can be avoided, around the storage space or planting media for cultivation of oyster mushrooms should be given a shade plant. Control the supply of sunlight, oxygen and air circulation system well for maximal mushroom growth. Oyster mushroom is a type of plant that requires a lot of oxygen supply and a good air circulation system. So every building for the cultivation of oyster mushrooms should also be equipped with adequate ventilation for easy air out in the room. Make a kumbung. In the natural habitat, oyster mushrooms often grow and develop in forests or under woody trees with dense leaves. But if you really want to cultivate your own, you can use the beam that placed on the house mushrooms are called kumbung. kumbung-jamur-tiram-sederhana.jpg Kumbung is a building of wood or bamboo and roofed shingle or tile. The roof should not be replaced with zinc or asbestos, because it can make the room temperature so hot. While the surface of the floor only in the form of ordinary soil to help the process of water absorption when the fungus in flush.

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