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INTRODUCTION 1.1. Background of the study Ultrasound is sound energy in the form of wave taking a frequency above the human hearing range. The maximum frequency that the human can sense is about 20 thousand cycles per second (20 kHz). This is where the sonic range ends, and where the ultrasonic range starts. Ultrasound has various real-world applications, it is used in directional, automated, industrial and for security purpose and it is frequently used in cameras to measure distance and used in ships to measure sea depth. Though, more fascinating applications of ultrasound are in the field of medicine. Using a collection of piezoelectric transducers, ultrasound can be used to image the interior organs. It is often preferred…show more content…
However, its usage becomes limited and inaccessible because the sound is not commonly found everywhere except in some nocturnal animals such as bats, rodents etc. or when it is generated in the laboratory using transducers. Even when it is found within a specific environment, being aware of it becomes difficult because it is above human hearing; hence, the need for ultrasound detector (receiver) to pick such ultrasonic signal and convert it to sound which consequently becomes very useful and relevant in our…show more content…
Scope and Limitation of the study The ultrasound detector (receiver) has the capability to sense and receive an ultrasonic signal no matter how faint or weak it may seem and amplifies it to the desired output. Thereby making it comfortable for proper usage and applications. However, there are some limitations and constraints of this project such as: i. Piezoelectric effects generally decrease with a rise in temperature, thereby reducing the efficiency of the ultrasonic transducer; therefore, high precautions are necessary so that the ultrasonic transducer can work properly. ii. The sensibility of the ultrasound detector gradually reduces as the device drift away from the sound. Hence picking the sound from a far distance becomes difficult. iii. The device cannot function for a long time due to its dependence on direct current (DC) power supply. 1.5. Justification of the study This project work possesses numbers of advantages and significance in many areas of our lives. With the help of ultrasound detector, it becomes a lot easier to have an idea of what ultrasound is all about, thereby making further studies on the subject matter, less complicated and creating an avenue for a broad and wider knowledge of it, which could be of immense benefit to the society at large, such as in the field of engineering, medicine, sciences etc. Production of ultrasound detector in large scale can serve as a means of employment for our young youths thereby reducing the problem of unemployment

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