Disadvantages Of Biometric System

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1. Introduction Biometric technology provides several advantages over conventional security methods like pin, password, key, card etc. The Biometric system grants authentication by different physiological and behavioral traits of a person. Biometric systems are basically of two types based on the use of a biometric trait for identification and verification. The types of biometric system are • Unimodal biometric system • Multimodal biometric system The Unimodal system has an only single source of information for authorization of a valid user. But sometimes single trait do not provide good quality of sample due to deformations problem in a biometric trait such as the same sample of hand geometry do not capture after swelling, face images changes according to the lightening, voice change due to the cold or illness etc. The error rate of the unimodal biometric system is also high because of some problems (for e.g. lack of individuality, lack of different representation, susceptibility to circumvention). The high error rate is not suitable for a more secure application. Due to the problem discussed above, unimodal systems are not so perfect in term of security and performance [1]. Problems which occur in unimodal biometric systems are alleviated by a new approach i.e. multibiometric. Multimodal systems are the combination of more than one unimodal biometric traits. It includes more than one modalities of a single user for providing better acceptability, accuracy, performance and reliable authentication [2].…show more content…
Multimodal biometric is one of the types of five categories of the multibiometric system as shown in Fig 1. 1.1 Classifications of Multibiometric

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