Drunk Driving Research Paper

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Multitasking has been a part of humanity for many centuries but unfortunately it cannot be implemented in all spheres of life. Ads speak about the dangers involved in texting and driving and drunk driving, the news always broadcast instances in both cases almost every day trying to convey a message to drivers as to the effects these can have on an individual. Some of the main difference in these two are the media used or abused that is phone and alcohol and the response time to react to the realization of danger ahead. They both possess many similarities in the dangers involved and liabilities to the driver drivers or people involved if he survives. Dangers involved include distraction, and accidents can cause situations such as disabilities and death of an individual. Distraction has been studied to be one of the major lead of danger causing accidents in the country. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nine people are killed each day and over a thousand more are…show more content…
Distraction comes in three folds; visual which involves taking the eyes off the road, manual involves taking the hands of the wheels and cognitive taking the mind off the road. Drunk driving and texting and driving contributes to all these three types of distractions listed above. In both cases, drivers get into visual disorientation as one bring intoxicated with alcohol and the other totally taking the eyes off the road to focus on a device which is not involved with the road, in the manual distraction, being intoxicated by alcohol could lead to wrong steering of the wheels into oncoming traffic or possibly zig-zag movement of the car on the road which could lead other drivers into wrong judgement as to what the next move of the driver could be. Texting and driving in the same situation requires the use of the fingers which means hands off the wheels to get the text done with as a matter of fact visual distraction also plays a role in

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