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Road traffic safety rules are the disciplinary measures taken in general to protect users of the road from fatal accidents or from getting injured seriously. General road users include pedestrians walking or running on the curbside, cyclists, motorbikes and passengers of public vehicle transport system. The general idea of a Safe System technique is to ensure that the impact energies in case of an accident remain below a certain threshold ( critical ) values which might result in a fatal death or serious injury to the victim. These critical threshold values will depend on the impact of the accident and varies according to the different scenarios of accidents considering the type of vehicles involved ( whether HTV, LMV, motorbikes or cycles…show more content…
This approach mentioned of using two individual dedicated cameras to track the vehicle path and facial movements seperately[1]. One camera , which is fit inside the vehicle tracks the facial movements of the driver. Another camera , facing the road, tracks the movement of pedestrians from curbside. Consequently, if there is any pedestrian crossing the road and at the same time if the driver is looking in the wrong direction , then vehicle control or warning system strategy comes in handy[1]. This system modelling through seperate graphs is done through the use Dynamic Baeysian Networks ( DBN ). In DBNs, the vehicle path and facial movements are modelled seperately as graphs and then compared through intersection operation[1]. In the experiments , it was proved that the system proved to be a efficient warning or vehicle control mechanism for the vehicles when there was detection of pedestrians along the curb side[1]. 1.2.2 Drawbacks of existing system The system is not efficient in determining the location of target object as there might be background

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