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Improper lighting equipment truck accidents Truck equipment maintenance for truck owners involves ensuring the vehicle is clearly visible especially during the night. The state and federal laws obligate that a truck should be thoroughly inspected before it goes out for shipment. The inspection ensures that including other things, the reflectors and lights are in good working condition and are visible for safe night travel. Statistics show that one out of five truck accidents happen at night, making it very important for proper lighting. Our team at weaver truck accident law firm have the necessary skills and experience to help you receive all the compensation you deserve from an improper lighting equipment truck accident. Our main goal is…show more content…
Such injuries include herniated discs, sprains, fractures vertebrae and strains. The pain is usually severe and can limit one’s ability to move. The symptoms of back injuries sometimes takes time to show up after a crash. Injuries to the facial area are usually common and can be caused by ramming on to the dash board, steering wheel, wind shield, air bag, shattered glass or car seats. The severity of facial injuries range from bruises to cuts and sometimes fractures. It can also cause severe disorders that affect the jaw. The impact of the crash can lead to internal injuries that include damage to the liver, kidney, lungs, spleen and even the heart. One can also suffer fractured ribs which causes injuries to other internal The drivers and passengers that are involved in truck accidents that lead to injuries and death suffer from both short and long term stress. The stress can be emotional, post-traumatic stress disorder or depression. Such injuries have long lasting effects on the victims. To prevent improper lighting equipment truck accidents Truck drivers are required by the federal motor carrier safety administration to adhere to

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