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Professional Presence and Influence Introduction The following is a self-reflective essay in which I will explore areas including professional presence, mindful practice and healing environments. I will analyze my inner world (thoughts, beliefs, and values) as well as my outer world (activities, relationships, and experiences) to learn how I use and interact with each. In addition, I will be reviewing my personal results of the Keirsey Temperament personality test, to gain a better understanding of my personality strengths and weaknesses and how to apply this to be a more effective person and leader. Professional Presence Models of Health and Healing The differences between the three eras of medicine are discussed in “The Healing Presence: The Essence of Nursing” with the most noted differences between Era I and Era III. Era I occurred in the 1860s and is thought of as the mechanical model. This was the time that science was first used in medical practice. During this time, it was thought that health and illnesses where only physical problems. A person’s conscience was thought as only a by-product of the brain. In short, the physical body was the primary focus of medicine during Era I. (Koerner, 2011) Era III came about in the 1990s, with the idea that health and wellness are related to the…show more content…
When I was 19 my father was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer, the time he had left was short after this diagnosis. The medical team that cared for him where great and always professional, but it was the nurses that had the greatest impact on me and him. They were the ones that talked use through everything, they were the ones that listened, they laughed and cried with us, the prayed with us and brightened our otherwise grey day spent in a hospital room. From that point on I knew I wanted to be that for someone
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