Internationalization Process Model

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Starting from 1970s, different internationalization models were developed in order to understand the complex dynamics of this process. The first model, and still the most recognised, is the Uppsala internationalization process model (Johanson & Vahlne, 2009). According to this model, greater the knowledge and the expertise that the firm has accumulated about the market, greater will be the commitment of resources into the specific foreign market. Thus, this process relies on the idea that a successful expansion strategy is based on gaining greater market knowledge (Johanson & Vahlne, 2009). Market Knowledge and Market Commitment It is now generally recognised that, not only knowledge about the chosen foreign market, but also general knowledge…show more content…
This represents the most challenging part, due to all the relevant factors that have to be taken into account, analysed and measured. Different entry mode options, as previously explained, are available. In order to choose the right entry mode, trade-offs have to be made and expected benefits and costs of alternative entry modes should be compared and adjusted for risks. According to Erramilli, Anglia’s services can be classified as “soft services” for which production and consumption occur simultaneously (training and supportive activities for both teachers and students, Step-by-Step learning process, Summer Schools) (Erramilli, 1991). Therefore, the available entry options for Anglia are franchising, management contract, joint venture, and sole ownership. However, since Anglia Network Europe is a franchise of Anglia Examinations England, the only suitable entry mode is to extend the franchising network with a new branch in Germany. In addition to the choice of an entry mode, a market entry strategy requires the development of a marketing plan. As mentioned before, in order to develop the marketing plan a 7P’S marketing mix model, which considers the services and not only tangible products, should be implemented. Nevertheless, the thesis will not cover the development of the marketing plan, focusing on the implementation of a promotional tool as a solution for the internationalization problem. The proposed solution to ensure an initial and quick entry into the German market is the offer of Summer Schools for German pupils and

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