Explain The Six Features Of Constructive Feedback

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In Education and Training there are a range of different assessment methods and approaches. This information sheet is designed to assist you in understanding the assessment methods and gives you an overview of the methods, strengths and limitations of a few. When and how to use assessment methods • Observation - This method is a constant form of assessment that will be used by a facilitator. Watching learners while they are doing an activity or socializing will help contribute to assessing the learner. Observing the learner enables the facilitator to understand the learner’s immediate needs, their progress and identify any changes that need to be made to the lesson plan. • Simulation – This can be seen as a form of demonstration. The learner may act out or simulate an activity in order to develop a…show more content…
Constructive feedback Constructive feedback contributes to the assessment process by helping to get the learner involved in the assessment process and makes the requirements of the assessment process more clear. This helps the learner take responsibility for the learning process. Constructive feedback to learners after assessment should be given as soon as possible after the assessment. It should be given in a quiet and private place. This should also be recorded in a written format for future reference. Steps for improvement should be given clearly and an action plan should be put in place. Record

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