Essay On 8th Grade Year

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Do you remember your eighth grade year? Well that's my goal to remember almost everything that happened to me in my eighth grade year when I'm older and about to graduate high school. My eighth grade year has been a roller coaster more than what most people could probably say my eighth grade year has consisted of friendships and boy related relationships going up and falling apart my eighth grade year was also the year where I found myself the most. In my eighth grade year a lot of memorable moments happened some were good,some were bad,but never the less they were all moments I will remember forever. I will always remember going over to my friend Kenna's house for sleep overs sometimes even on weekdays and we would go to school together, other times on the weekends we would run around with silly string and shoot each other or we would race on four wheelers whatever we did it was always a great time. Some other things I will never forget the passion project,the spa project, both of those I thought were going to kill me but as a middle school student I got over it I will always remember starting eighth grade year with a lot of friends like Layla,Reece and others but eventually like middle school girls we got into fights and we split up leaving me with a few loyal friends that I…show more content…
I hope by the time i graduate high school i can do all the academies goals i set for myself. By far my biggest goal is to get accepted to UCLA university and graduate with a master in film and directing. Ive always wanted to be an actress and I've always wanted to work behind the scenes with the editing and get to see the movie or tv show get created from start to end. I hope by the end of college i can get a good job working in tv and start a family and work in tv for as long as i
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