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Public Meeting: Summary & Reflection On Monday, February 26, I attended the ESUHSD Board of Trustees meeting at East Side Union High School District. There were a total of ten board trustees with three female members and seven male members present at the meeting. The first discussion was about Child Development Programs and Services. There were parents and social workers that volunteered to speak in front of the Board members about their experiences with the Child Development Programs; they also talked about different ways and solutions to improve the program. In the end, the Board members made the decision to maintain the Child Development Programs and Services. The second discussion was about the ongoing Update to Resolution…show more content…
I also liked how agendas were provided for the audience members, this makes it easier for me to keep track of the meeting. However, the organization of the discussion was complicated and hard to follow. Some of the board members were going around in circles as they talk about new topics instead of staying on the main subject. Although the Board members’ decision to delay the layoffs to next year was good news, they did not explain any future solutions to prevent the risk of layoffs. The presentation on the fiscal status was also confusing and difficult to follow. I agreed with some of the concerns addressed by the people in the audience. A teacher from Santa Teresa discussed the issue of safety; he also explained his wishes for the district to expand more mental health programs. Another student from Santa Teresa also talked about how the district should prioritize safety in order to prevent future tragedies from happening like the recent school shooting that occurred in Florida. A student from Silver Creek argued against the Board members’ attempt to cut back the counseling department. I fully support all these issues. Overall, the Board of Trustee meeting was interesting; it was enjoyable learning about some of the issues concerning my teachers and fellow students. I was given a great opportunity to participate in my

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