Bachelor's Degree Completion Reflection

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Bachelor’s Degree Completion Reflection In this world we live in, every person has a way he wants to make his dream true. For me, I decided to make my dream true through an international education. In fact, in 2013, I joined Kepler, a nonprofit organization that seeks to promote high quality education through online project and in- personal seminars. Kepler has a partnership with Southern New Hampshire University through a program which is called College for America. Indeed, College for America is a program that provides college degree that is applicable to the workplaces through different goals. Southern New Hampshire University provide three bachelor’s degrees which are Bachelor’s degree of Art in Communication, Bachelor’s degree of Art…show more content…
The first project that helped me to learn more about this skill is called “Business speaks” from the goal called “Represent an Organization”. When I was working on this project I had to serve as a manager of organizational communications. As part of my role, I was required to present to the Acme widget leadership and senior staff the importance of organization communication. Because of that presentation, I learned many presentation techniques one can use in order to engage the audience. Some of those presentation techniques are the use of emotion, voice modulation and use of rhetoric in order to engage the audience. Another project that helped me to learn this skill is called “What’s your function” from the goal called “Manage a business organization”. When I was working on this project, I was a senior operation manager at spokes of Hope, a nonprofit organization that seeks to improve the access to education. Part of my responsibilities was to deliver a presentation to new managers how to be an effective manager. From that I learned how to deliver an engaging presentation through effective body language, voice modulation and consistence eye…show more content…
Technology skill is used in many aspects like marketing and teaching. In order to be a successful marketer, one should have technology skill. This is because he or she is required to create advertizing website and editing videos that advertize the company’s products and services. He or she is also required to send different email marketing to customers. Technology skill is also important for teachers especially Kepler course facilitators. Since Kepler is technological based program, teachers are required to have technology skills. At some point, a course facilitator might be in need of taking a video that teach students a given subject. He or she might be in need of creating a power point presentation for students or fellow facilitators. He might also be required to teach technology course. If he or she does not have technology skill, he might fail to complete his or her tasks in an effective way. Technology skill is also important when one wants to create a blog or a website for personal use. Some people prefer to keep their education and work experience in a blog that can be shared to the employers or another important person in case it is needed. So everyone needs technology skill in order to move

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