June King Mcfee's Essay: Society, Art And Education

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Historically, 1965 was a year of turbulent events in America, with the Vietnam War protests, Civil Rights movement, and the Voting Rights Act was some of the issues at the forefront for many people in America. These societal, economical, cultural and racial changes meant education, including art had to examine how to discuss these areas in the classroom. As a result, June King McFee wrote an essay based on her presentation at the seminar to stimulate the conversion of art, education, society and race to further investigate and develop a feasible curriculum that would in comprise the needs of the student. The purpose of this presentation is to examine June King McFee’ essay, “Society, Art and Education” introducing the entanglements of art…show more content…
Furthermore, understanding their own traditional American middle class ideologies and stereotypes of minorities. I will argue McFee suggestions and predictions of her six major social changes in America gave insight to art educators on ways to implement art education through cultural awareness. The approached used in this inquiry is a literature review of June King McFee’s essay and other theorists. Also, the historical inquiry as it relates to the time period and auto-ethnography. The inquiry of this presentation will create a continuous dialogue on the influx of minorities and social changes. McFee’s essay presents the American middle class society view of establishing a social relationship between minorities as nonessential with a lack of sensitivity. As a result, this state of agitation created became a challenge for educators. The significance of this presentation is addressing the collation of the 1965 essay with today’s American middle class of embracing minority groups through art. McFee’s suggestions stimulated art educators to establish a relationship between art education and society despite the disregard from the American middle class ideology. This inquiry will conclude how art educators can use the functions of art as a way to devise a diverse curriculum to recognize the culture and social trends of minority

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