Al Gore's Movie 'An Inconvenient Truth'

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Al Gore’s movie, An Inconvenient Truth, illustrates and argues his point of view on climate change and carbon dioxide emissions in relation to human interaction with nature. Made in 2006, it follows Al Gore as he gives his special slideshow presentation on global warming and shares parts of his personal life. While he backs up his claims with various graphs, charts, and animations, his presentation and his documentary are filled with personal and emotional arguments and twisted or misleading data, rather than logic or pure, hard scientific fact. After it was broadcasted, many critics and skeptics shared their thoughts about both his movie and global warming as a whole. Still others praised the movie for how it brought to light an important global issue and its good direction. In this paper, I will be analyzing Al Gore’s presentation and some of its merits and shortcomings. An Inconvenient Truth purely as a documentary, is excellent. This is clear, especially seeing as how it won an Oscar for best documentary. The editing, camera work, and flow, were all well-done, and it was an enjoyable watch. Al Gore’s presentation is interesting, passionate, and humorous. The actual contents of the…show more content…
Though I am no scientist, and I do not know enough about climate change to confidently confirm or deny what he said, many critics and scientists have analyzed Al Gore’s movie since it came out. Strangely enough, the critics don’t even agree on what parts of the film they think are correct or incorrect. For example, some say that Gore’s mention of Greenland’s glaciers melting and dramatically raising sea level twenty feet is pure fiction, while others say that it isn’t as dramatic as what Gore thinks. Others yet agree with him completely. This is most likely due to the lack of public agreement on climate change as a whole, or rather, how unpredictable climate change is—computer models and predictions, after all, can only be so

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