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This is a collection of 10 poems that I have written for my English class, with inspiration from my daily life. This collection covers a large variety of topics, ranging from mathematics, to life, to meditation and even death. I hope that you enjoy this collections as I have put a lot of work into it. Firstly, in the poem Learning, I tried to write in the form of a Shakespearean sonnet, including that its meter and rhyme scheme (ababcdcdefefgg). In addition, I was inspired to write this poem by a personal experience where I memorized the contents of a test, without completely studying and understanding it, so when I went to take the test and my mind went blank, I realized that I should have truly understood the material. Moreover, regarding…show more content…
I believe that I do so through explaining that now, learning is not just memorizing the different terms of concepts, but it is also understanding them completely. Furthermore, the idea of understanding the content can be found in the last stanza because I state you have understand to do well in the final test. Some sound devices you can find in the poe are onomatopoeia, “poof” (11), alliteration, “that things”, and the iambic pentameter, and a literary device present is allusion, when I reference to the Law of Conservation of Matter in lines 11 and 12. In the poem Distracted, I tried to write a villanelle, but did not accomplish my goal and instead wrote it in the structure of a villanelle with the correct rhyme scheme, but with the wrong amount of…show more content…
However, whereas Dylan Thomas discusses death, I discuss mathematics. More specifically, I describe how it can be viewed in the perspective of many different “groups”, which is very similar to the structure of Dylan Thomas’ poem. In addition, this poem was written as a complete villanelle, including its rhyme scheme, meter, repeating line and overall structure. I was inspired to write this poem by the physical pain I felt in my head after taking my AP Calculus AB Exam, because my brain felt like it was “raging against the dying of the light”. Literally, this poem advises people against fearing/avoiding math due to its “perceived wrath”, and states the different ways “groups” of people view math. This poem can be interpreted as a call to the “resurrection” of mathematics. Recently, at least in our school, fewer and fewer students have actively pursued their quest for mathematical knowledge, and I believed that it was due to the fact they were either scared of it, or thought it was too difficult. Therefore, though this poem I wish to “bring more people in” through warning them against surrendering to “math’s perceived wrath”. Some literary devices found in this poem are the heavy use of strong imagery, such as “bloodbath”, “extreme brutality”, “aftermath” and “psychopath”. In addition, I also used the asyndeton in the repeating line

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