Future Life Of Willie Jordan

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Jordan, June. “Nobody Mean More to Me Than You and the Future Life of Willie Jordan.” Harvard Educational Review (1988): Web. In the reading "Nobody Mean More to Me than You and the Future Life of Willie Jordan" by June Jordan, she displays the significance of language. Black English represents African American identity, she protested that this language should be taught in school. One can assume Jordan believed that schools, social entertainment, and families are on the verge of removing black english an replacing it with standard english. She states, Black English encloses "life, individuality of voice, and clarity"; these sacred properties are not withheld in Standard English. Jordan uses a student of hers, Willie Jordan, to display an…show more content…
The stories and poems in dismantle are written about today and are efficient to today's society. Each writer brings forth an envisioned art that could change the world for individuals of color by supporting and boosting their rise, achievement, growth and creativity. In many instances, writers of color are being told that their stories are not dignified enough for bookshelves, articles, and/or websites. However, despite the cruel discrimination, writers of color have produced some of the most original and important works of the 20th and 21st century. They strive to provide knowledge and inspiration for many who relate to their stories. Junot Diaz, in the introduction, illustrated the need of a safety zone in the black community. He states, "We saw a need for a decolonial space where writers of color could deliberate critically on matters of race, ethnicity, self-hate, colorism, ______ (etc.) freely and without fear." Voices was that and more; it was the main portal passage to a world where the greatest desires were fulfilled. Writers of color thirsted for a place where they could share and create pieces of "literatures finest". A place where judgment is extinct, racism nothing more than a definition, and color characteristics the outer handle on a door. This book is beneficial to my research because it is filled with pieces that are inspired by Human beings from various ethnic backgrounds. Dismantle allows one to reflect through the work of writers who are genuine and honest about their experiences with race, class, and

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