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This chapter begins with Burke discussing his college prep English class in which there was a mixture of students who were in the ACCESS program for those who are considered underachieving readers as well as students who had learning disabilities such as dyslexia and ADHD, it also had students who struggled or may have failed in the previous years but their high scores for reading prevented them from being on the ACCESS program. Burke in this chapter hopes that the students in this class can do the challenging work and tackle the big ideas and questions even though it was his first time teaching the class. The chapter goes on to discuss the questions like “ what must I do to make real success a possibility for all my student without lowering my standards?”. I believe this question defines the chapter to come,…show more content…
Burke then goes into detail on how every freshman class in the USA has to read Romeo and Juliet, however many might have “ read” it in middle school as the teachers wanted to prepare them, yet they never truly read the play. With this play Burke discusses that he begins the guiding questions for the play long before the final exam essay so that they have quite a bit to discuss or reflect on before the final exam. Burke in the third chapter outlines assessment or activity and even projects that he used within the class to help the students learn about the play. The first one he discusses is the interview where the student interviews a person about a topic they have or will be discussing in class. This is so that the students can frame conversation about relationships within the play or the subject being taught. He gives the students the basic rules for asking questions such as be direct and make eye contact. Which then allows them to succeed in the process of the

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