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Reading Response Paper Destinee Starcher Psychology 281: Cierra Brooks Edwards West Virginia University The article, “10 Years and a Diagnosis Later, 9/11 Demons Haunt Thousands” discusses the lives of those affected by the terrorist attacks in 2001 (Hartcollis, 2011). Dr. Margaret Dessau witnessed the traumatic events on September, 11th through the window of her home. Since the attacks Dr. Dessau, along with thousands of others, have developed several medical and psychological problems. She now has trouble concentrating, struggles with feeling of guilt, has trouble sleeping and avoids any stimulus which reminds her of that day. Psychologist have diagnosed her with 9/11-related PTSD. Unfortunately her case is very common, according to Hartcollis (2011) the actual number of those with PTSD from 9/11 is unknown. However a low estimate of the number may be around 61,000 individuals (Hortcollis, 2011). In the same…show more content…
CBT utilizes both an exposure technique, and cognitive therapy. While exposure techniques like systemic desensitization may be somewhat effective, the cognitive therapy has the greatest impact (DeAngelis, 2008). Using this perspective in treating Dr. Dessau’s, and other victims of 9/11, the therapist may focus on the restructuring negative thought pattern (DeAngelis, 2008). Teaching the client to think about the world as a safe place, where bad things only sometimes occur (DeAngelis, 2008). CBT therapy may also be useful in dealing with the feeling of guilt, associated with the attacks (DeAngelis, 2008). By teaching the client to recognize and overcome these thoughts, when they occur. However more research is needed to determine the effectiveness of both CBT and medication. Currently, cognitive based therapy seems to have a greater effect, on those suffering from
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