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For years the reading and writing processes have been thought of as two opposites, but research has begun to fuse reading and writing into parallel operations. Tompkins describes the reading process as a “negotiation” for meaning between reading and the text; it is the process that takes place between decoding/reading words and comprehending what is happening on the page. This process has five stages: pre-reading, reading, responding, exploring and applying. During the pre-reading stage a reader prepares to read by completing activities such as choosing books, activating schema, making plans to read and engaging with the title of the book. After the pre-reading stage, readers move into reading, this can be done in a variety of ways, such as independent reading, shared reading, guided reading or even buddy reading, this stage is simply marked by students reading the words/pictures of a selection (not always the entire book). Stage 3 is responding, here students begin to deepen their comprehension of the text through reading responses and conversations. After responding, stage 4 or exploring is defined when students go back into the text to look more analytically at various aspects of the book or selection, activities could include looking for new vocabulary, using the text in mini lessons and exploring…show more content…
If you are participating in a Bible study on the book of Revelation it would not be productive to just read the passage and go to the study. Instead you would read the background about John, the chapter itself and any history before reading both independently and in a group setting. During the group bible study there would be room for responding, exploring and lastly applying the text to our lives. The reading process is something that is used far beyond the walls of the classroom and it can benefit us in our walk with God as
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