Relationship Between Europeans And Native Americans

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Over time relations between native Americans and Europeans changed. Both of these groups of people had large cultural differences. This made for much exaggeration and scarcity to the meeting of them together. Bringing together the Europeans and the Indians wasn't to hard when it came down to survival. The Indians knew hos to live off the land and were not afraid to share what they had. In the literature piece “William Bradford” ,when the Europeans first came off the ship when arriving at Cape Cod, the Indians “ came skulking about .. them and when any Europeans came near they would run off” (pg.71). The men who arrived had starved the whole way to Cape cod and were weak. they had no idea how to live off the land and thought the Indians mean to sacrifice them. By the end of the piece Native Americans And the Europeans sat down to have thanksgiving (1621) which showed a huge change in relation.…show more content…
At first she was tortured, starved and had to watch her wounded child die, a f she was sold from Indian to Indian. “I was sold to him by another Narragansett Indian… went to take my dead child… they bid me let it alone” (pg. 87-88). Eventually her relation with the Indians became close as she worked for them for food and money.. “...During my abode in this place Philip spake me make a shirt for his boy, Which i did; for he gave me one shilling...with i bought a piece of horse flesh...another asked me to knit a pair of stockings..i did and she gave me a quart of peas”. Now the Native Americans are allowing Mary to make a living with them. They eventually even gave her food and such.” They killed a deer..they gave me a piece of it.. I thought it was very good...many times I fared better than many of them”(pg.90). Her relation ship definitely i'm proved with the relation with the Native Americans from the beginning.In the end they made sure she had what she
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