Domestic Violence Sociological Perspective

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As a reminder I have chosen domestic violence as my final paper topic. The critical perspective would explain my chosen crime as a response to social factors the offender may encounter. Domestic violence is an extremely frowned upon crime especially if the male is abusing a female, and once this abuser (labeled as a ‘woman beater’) gets this description of himself in his head he continues to play that role. I feel that this perspective would also acknowledge how these offenders continue playing this role because of criminal subcultures supporting their otherwise frowned upon behavior. Although I have not set in stone which paradigm I will be using, the previous final-project check in I had chosen positivism. After this week’s readings and lecture I am debating whether or not the critical paradigm will be more beneficial when explaining my crime and creating a plan to reduce domestic violence. In regards to using the positivism paradigm I would focus on factors out of the control of the offender. If I were to use this…show more content…
Using anger as an example, a spouse can come home after a rough day of being disrespected or even abused and take it out on their spouse. They fail to take into consideration other steps or responses to their anger. In our textbook the authors mentioned how some of those who were arrested in the Milwaukee Domestic Violence experiment were angry with arresting officers (Cullen, Agnew, Wilcox, 2014). However instead of taking their anger out on these officers (as direct retaliation) they instead took it out on their partners (indirectly having retaliation on the arresting officers) officers (Cullen, Agnew, Wilcox, 2014). I have not done outside research on using the critical paradigm to create a comprehensive program to reduce domestic violence but I do feel that I am on the right track with moving towards using this

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