Miranda Vs. Arizona Court Case Study

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During my years at Benjamin N Cardozo high school, I often had to do group projects. Every marking period I had to do at least one project. I would get nervous when teachers assign group projects because I don’t want to get a group that doesn’t do their work. One positive thing about group projects is that you have to communicate with each other to get the task done. I despise group projects because I hate having to do assignments in a group that I could easily complete by myself. Although they are a hassle to deal with, it teaches us vital listening and communication skills we need in the real world. Group projects are like flipping a coin. Sometimes you get people who contribute to the group. Sometimes you get people who don’t contribute.…show more content…
We would agree on who would do what part of the project. People would make excuses the day before it is due instead. People should take responsibility of their task. Rather than watching television or sleeping, I have to do all the work at the last minute. In my economics class, we had to reenact and film a Supreme Court case. Our group chose the Miranda vs. Arizona court case. We had to research about the court case to get an understanding of how we were going to film it. I had to explain them what the case was about because they didn’t research the case online. On the weekend, we filmed the act at my house. When we were done filming we discussed who is going to edit and put all the clips together. They all made excuses like studying for AP exams. I had to stay up all night to edit and put all the clips together. Another bad experience was when my group talked about random stuff and not the project. I was the only one that wanted to finish it as quickly as possible, but we were being unproductive. We didn’t start the project until we only had a day left. It was a lot more stressful because we only had one day left. I learned that people who slack during group projects is very difficult to work with and don’t care and don’t do their…show more content…
Traditionally in academia, individuals tend to view learning in general as an internal and individualized process. Doing group projects has made me become a follower to a leader. I realized that if I want to get the project done in a timely order, then I would need to be more of a leader and be more involved in the group than a follower. Usually I would wait for someone else to talk in the group. If there is nobody willing to talk in the group, then I fill in the shoes as a leader. I would organize and get their phone numbers to remind them about the project. In Spanish class, my teacher picked out the groups to write a script and act it out. My group members weren’t very good at Spanish. I knew that I had to take the leadership role since I was the only one who did well in that class. I tried to give them advice on how I memorize vocabularies. I also taught them how to write sentences in the perfect and imperfect tenses. Eventually they got the hand of it and we came up with ideas on what we are going to write about. For once everyone was seemed motivated and confident to present our project. We were all happy that we got a perfect grade. After the project was done, we became friends and are still friends till this

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