The Importance Of Social Innovation

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Background The growth of public and private sector services in developed and developing countries shows about 67% of global value-added in services, where social innovation and service innovation are progressively overlapping. Nowadays, social innovation practice is often implemented in service sectors such as social services (e.g. social entrepreneurship), tourism, finance, health, and education (The World Bank, 2015). Although the paradigm of social innovation attracts the attention of practitioners and policy makers, there is currently no clear agreement about the concept of specific social innovation activities that are translated into the context of social enterprises practices (Pol & Ville, 2009; Maclean,, 2013; Phillips,,…show more content…
Anderson et. al. (2015) concludes effectively and deliberately that social innovations are “new solutions to social challenges that have the intent and effect of equality, justice and empowerment”. The figure 1 below classifies the 10 types of social innovation distinguished by the theory of modal aspect (Wigboldus, 2016). The socio-economic and socio-political (policies) type are the important dimensions to understand about social innovation and social enterprise (Shaw & Bruin,…show more content…
The activities of social innovation will be identified and analysed using qualitative method (interview) to 3 top management positions (CEO, Marketing/Operational Director, and HR Director) in 70 social enterprises in all sectors (social services (e.g. social entrepreneurship), tourism, finance, health, and education) in the UK. The antecedents will be identified and tested using two-phase mixed method (explanatory design) which the findings of the qualitative phase further clarified through the identification of important variables, develop a taxonomy or classification system, develop the theory, and next quantitative test in detail (Tashakkori and Teddlie, 2010). This study will examine 70 social enterprises in the UK, employing qualitative semi-structured interviews with representatives of 3 top management positions to gain insights into the thoughts and opinions with regards to this topic. These interviews will be transcribed, subjected, coded and analysed in order to extract key items for analysis to determine which antecedents foster and discourage social

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