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CENTRE FOR SOCIAL POLICY STUDIES DISSERTATION NAME: AGBOGA SELASE RICHARD ID : 10239106 TOPIC: THE CONTRIBUTIONS OF THE DISTRICT DISABILITY COMMON FUND TO THE WELL-BEING OF BENEFICIARIES IN ADA EAST DISTRICT LIST OF ABREVIATIONS CT Cash Transfer DACF District Assembly Common Fund DFMC District Fund Management Committee GSS Ghana Statistical Service GDP Gross Domestic Product DSW Department of Social Welfare GFD Ghana Federation of the Disabled MESW Ministry oif Employment and Social Welfare MMDA Metropolitan Municipal and District Assemblies NCPD National Council on Persons with Disability PWD Persons with Disability OPWD Organisations of Persons with Disability SPED Special…show more content…
What challenges do PWDs encounter when applying for the DACF? 1.5 Significance of Study The study involves a cross section of PWDs in the Ada East District and the key actors as far as issues about disability is concerned especially DFMC members and officers from the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development. It is expected that the findings of the study would be very useful to the various stakeholders especially the policy makers in order to perfect some aspects of guidelines for the disbursement. Others that the study would be helpful to are the Ada East District Assembly and the DAMC as well as the beneficiaries. The findings would provide a lot of insight to the administrators of the fund as well as the people such as the National Council on Persons with Disability (NCPD) who have an oversight responsibility to ensure that things are properly done. This will enable them to have general overview of how the fund has contributed positively or otherwise to the health, feeding and any form of economic activity of the PWDs. The study would also serve as a guide to the various actors in coming out with appropriate strategies in raising more funds to enable more PWDs benefit from the fund and also increase the amount each beneficiary…show more content…
It empowers PWDs to become aware of their rights and capabilities and to make them accept their condition. The main focus is on the attitudes of the PWDs themselves. VOLPHIG works on PWDs to change negative attitudes about themselves such as inferiority complex and negative perceptions and low self esteem by capacity building through training and by stressing the importance of work instead of begging. VOLPIHG also encourages parents to send their children with a disability to school. Center for Democratic Development Center for Democratic Development (CDD) is an independent research-based and policy-oriented think tank in Accra, founded in 1998. It is committed to the promotion and protection of democracy, good governance and the development of a liberal political and economic environment in Ghana in particular and Africa in general. CDD-Ghana enhances the democratic content of public policy and to promote the cause of constitutionalism, individual liberty, the rule of law, and Volunteer Service Overseas

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