Disasters In The Philippines

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Strong winds and heavy rains cause destruction and flood everywhere. People cooperate, rebuild and learn. “The Filipino spirit is waterproof.” Repeat. According to the Inquirer news article by Frances Mangosing, an average of around 20 typhoons pass through the Philippine Area of Responsibility every year. When these typhoons hit land, there is a big possibility that they will cause massive grief and destruction throughout the nation. After a very strong typhoon, so much time, effort and resources have to be exhausted to be able to get the country back up on its feet. This causes the temporary slow down or even the stop of progress and development in the country. Despite the frequency of these natural disasters, there is still some level of disorder in the Philippines before, during and after a calamity. Since different places are affected at different degrees, each area has different concerns and needs. As of now, there is no media outlet or website that will grant any citizen with immediate access to complete information regarding a certain calamity for a certain area. For this reason, a calamity database should be created for the whole Philippines so that accurate information about typhoons can be relayed and accessed in one place.…show more content…
People often tune in to the news program on the television or the radio, read the newspapers and go on social media to update themselves. The use of these electronic and visual methods of broadcasting information to the public has been quite effective over the years because these types of media are readily accessible with the touch of a button. However, there are also some problems with this current

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