Three Components To Evidence-Based Practices (EBP)

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There are three components to evidence-based practices (EBP). Evidence-based practice is defined in reference to the field of psychology as the integration of the use of best research evidence along with the psychologist clinical expertise and the patient values (Steele, Elkin, & Roberts, 2008). These three components are used together to establish balance and equality when determining the best treatment plan for the individual client. Best research evidence is the use of a variety of methods to obtain research. These methods include clinical observations and qualitative research studies (Steele, Elkin, & Roberts, 2008). The methods may also include systematic case studies, single case designs, public health, and ethnological research as well…show more content…
There are components to effective practices that are also expected of practicing psychologists. The case should be formulated and treatment planning should be based on assessment and diagnostic judgement. It is also vital that the psychologist monitor the progress of the treatment plan and have decision making rules in place to decide if the treatment plan is on track to be successful. The psychologist must take the time to get to know the client, as a therapeutic rapport is necessary for optimum progress. The psychologist must be willing to self-reflect on their practices and treatment plans and continue to search out ways to build their skills. As research is always providing new information. Psychologist should stay abreast of new ideas for treatment of specific mental disorders. Psychologists must have an awareness and understanding of cultural influence, individual differences, and contextual differences. Psychologists must be willing to obtain outside resources for the best interest of their client and the treatment plan. The Psychologist must also have a solid rationale and support behind their chosen clinical

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