Commercial Bank Case Study

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Introduction Commercial Bank has over 90 years of unparalleled growth and achievement. Having made a distinctive mark in Sri Lankan banking history, we stand out for our superlative service and technological superiority. Having set a standard in private sector banking in Sri Lanka we have set standards, created an identity and forged an unsurpassable trend. Recognized as trend setter we have maintained our cultural identity while providing a range of products and services. Powered by state-of-the-art technology and driven by a team of highly motivated, dynamic individuals we have become the leaders in private banking in Sri Lanka. Our Vision "To be the most technologically advanced, innovative and customer friendly financial services organization…show more content…
These managers do not effort at the same level. They work and operate at different positions. If we focus there are three levels of management. First one is Strategic Level, second one is tactical level, and third one is operational level. Strategic level Strategic level decisions have made commercial bank for the best banks in srilanka. Strategic level managers examines where our bank is nowadays? As well as they process the bank’s mission and vision and bank’s future aims. Strategic team plans for long term plans and strategic level consists of helping the organization to gather, analyze and organize information. If we see who are coming in the strategic level team first is the Chief executive officer. Chief executive officer is composed of a comparatively small group of people; top management is responsible for the overall management of an organization. These people are called executives. They establish the operating policies and guide the organization’s interactions with its environment. Example:- commercial bank manager. Commercial bank manager is a top rank officer in this bank and he doing the part of director of this commercial bank. He has lead roles in the strategy planning and strategy implementation activates. Chairman is the most visible and critical strategic…show more content…
Then we want to develop our customer relationship, if we develop our customer relationship we can increase our customer information. Internet banking would be increasing the customer relationship of the bank. Because internet banking service usages such as ATM machines, telephone banking and also phone banking services which are developed by certain banks investigated on the impact of relational plan on the adoption of electronic if we use internet banking we can improve our bank

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