Young Earth Creationist Theory

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First, I believe in the Young Earth Creationist theory. This theory states that ALL life was created by God in six literal (24 hours) days in Genesis 1. The theory says that the earth is young, 6,000 to 12,000 years old. Dr.Thomas G. Barnes saw that the Earth's magnetic field was getting lesser in strength. “He concluded that the Earth's magnetic field was less than 10,000 years old, so the earth must likewise be that young” (Snelling). Barnes was able to find a relationship between time and the decay of the magnetic field showing that the Earth is young. This experiment proves that the Earth's circumstances support a young earth, we cannot deny what the Earth tells us about herself! Space also supports a young Earth. The remains from…show more content…
He is telling them in terms of days as 24 hour periods. He is not telling them to work for millions of years (! This and many other examples in the Bible show that the Hebrew word yôm was concretely used to mean and literal 24-hour day. Some people believe that the Earth is millions of years old because of fossils and rock layers in the Earth. According to them, these layers could be used to prove an OLD Earth because these layers formed over millions of years. This theory says that over millions of years of death, survival and suffering humans formed. This is evolution (Mortenson). This is not possible because there was no death before the Fall (Mortenson). God created everything “good”, death came into the world AFTER the Fall so evolution is incorrect. The Old Earth Creationist View also states that the Earth was created in six time periods, that were NOT literal (24 hours) days. This “causes problems. For example, Genesis says that plants were created on the third day (...) and that sunlight was created on the fourth day (...). If the third day is actually a long period of time, how could plants have existed without sunlight?” ( Terry Mortenson
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