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The module about integrated research in public health (PH) has reviewed in further depth the two branches of research described as the positivist (quantitative) and interpretivism (qualitative). My approach as a PH researcher will define the research question based on a quantitative, qualitative or a mixed-methods approach. Prior to this module, knowledge about providing a rationale for the method selected and understanding the best method to use to answer the research question was biased towards a quantitative approach. For example, if I were to conduct a study about hand hygiene use in the healthcare environment, my research question would have been defined towards a positivist (quantitative) approach. Now, I can examine hand hygiene…show more content…
The research context includes how I conduct and interpret research findings as well as my preconceptions and assumptions about the PH topic. Therefore, reflexivity about how my positionality impacts the research context, including examining the rationale of why I have chosen a certain method (quantitative or qualitative) was learned. Additionally, my ontological and epistemological position questions whether the research is truly value-free and objective and will bring biases in the research context in ways I am not clear. However, continuing to engage in reflexive processes through my professional career will help provide some transparency about how I have chosen to conduct and interpret research findings and how my thought process will evolve. For example, my rationale for wanting to study hand hygiene compliance in the healthcare environment comes from my positionality of being a healthcare worker. Also, my race, gender, education, social status, and culture will influence my preconceptions about hand hygiene compliance in the healthcare. The positionality will influence the type and design of the research (quantitative or

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