Patient Satisfaction In NMC Hospital

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ACADEMEC HONESTY STATEMENT: All the martial contained in the assessed in my own work with suitable sourced and referenced. Student signature: Taiba Date: 10/9/2017 Student ID: H00258182 section: D02 Introduction This research proposal is about measuring the patient satisfaction in the New Medical Center hospital. The research topic is applied with NMC hospital and connected to quality management. The result will be used as evidence to show how can quality management used in the hospital. Patient satisfaction is important in NMC hospital. The research will focus to measure the patient satisfaction in NMC hospital to show patient opinion about services…show more content…
Methodology Research Design and Methods: In this research will be used one method which is a combination of a quantitative and a qualitative method to measure the objective results. In this research will be used primary and secondary data. After gathering all required information, it will help measuring patient satisfaction in NMC hospital. Primary data: survey method will be used to get information. The survey will cover 15 close-ended questions about measuring patient satisfaction in NMC. The survey will send to approximately 50-60 people to measuring their satisfaction. The expectation for responses of this survey is about 20-30 responses which will help to analyze the result. NMC hospital is largest multispecialty hospitals so, measuring patient satisfaction is important. Secondary sources: The secondary sources will be the resources that already available and reused it again for this research. Secondary sources will be obtained from reports, newspapers, websites, books, published journals and research. The secondary data will be used in the other tasks such as literature…show more content…
It will help to provide opportunity for patient in NMC to have ability to give their opinion and voice to inform. Moreover, it will help NMC hospital to have more information about their patient and to ensure improvement by depending on patient opinion and view. The learning outcome that I am going to use for this research are following: • BUS4563: CLO4: For this course outcome, it considers the brand name, marketing communication & customer affairs can create customer standards which the most part for any organization such as hospital to make patient satisfaction. • BUS 4533: CLO 3: From outcome of this course, the advantage for measuring the organization with it sponsors such as customers. Measuring advantage of patient which help an organization to do the best for them. • BUS 4373: CLO 2: From outcome of this course, it linking HR applies and their affect employee behavior and attitude which will be reason behind patient satisfaction or

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