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Tamisha Nicole Askew October 5, 2014 Latin American and the Caribbean Puerto Rico The Spanish conquered Puerto Rico like they did with most of Latin America and the Caribbean. As discussed in class the Spanish were after three things God, Glory, and Gold which they found in what it today Puerto Rico; ironically Puerto Rico translated to Rich Port. The cultural make of Puerto Rico comes from not only the indigenous people and Spaniards, but also several African communities. Colonialism has had lasting effects throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, from the music and food, to the language and culture. Puerto Rico was once a major military base for the Spaniards but today it is an American territory, so North America has influence on the culture as well. As a result of the war of 1898 [Spanish-American War], the U.S. gains control of Hawaii and Spain signs an armistice relinquishing its sovereignty over its territories of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Philippines. Before the Spanish-American War, the Spaniards had full control over what is today Puerto Rico. The indigenous people who the Spaniards first had contact with in Puerto Rico, are known as the Taino Indians. The Taino people had the basic hunter gather way of life, and were not as developed as other indigenous people,…show more content…
Throughout the region you can see the origins of the indigenous people who the Spanish first encountered. They left behind amazing cuisines and music alike; the same can be said of the Africans who were brought to the region. Over ten percent of the Puerto Rican population is of African heritage, they show their origins through the Bomba music. The Spaniards had the largest impact on the region converting majority of the people to Catholicism; majority of the people in Puerto Rico have some type of European heritage. Puerto Rico is among one of the most diverse regions in the Caribbean

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