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In November of 1493, Explorer Christopher Columbus stumbled upon the island in his search for the New World. He had initially named the island “San Juan Bautista” after Saint John the Baptist. The natives of the island greeted Columbus and his men peacefully. In 1508, Spain colonized the island and underhandedly enslaved many of the natives. Towards the 1800s, the Sugarcane on the island became a main cash crop of the Caribbean. This finally brought economic development to the island and earned it the name “Puerto Rico” or in English, “Rich Port”. In 1897, the Puerto Ricans were pushing for their independence from Spain. In appeasement, Spain allowed the island to be self-governed but still under Spanish rule. However, in the late 17th century and in the height of the Spanish-American War, US troops pushed the Spanish off the island. Puerto…show more content…
This caused a dramatic shift in culture and population in the US. This gradual immigration to the United States was normal until the 1950s, when Puerto Ricans partook in a mass exodus to the United States. Specifically into cities such as New York, Chicago, and Miami. With this came the natural shift in culture. This included their music, food, and language. Puerto Ricans would prepare their food in plentiful and distinct ways. Puerto Rican cooks would tend to use many herbs and spices in their dishes. Something that the majority of Americans were not used to in traditional American cuisine. Newfound music consisted of the components of African and Spanish beats and rhythms. Dancing was a highly emphasized part of Puerto Rican music. One of the largest impacts of the shift was the start of the Puerto Rican Day Parade, which is held the 2nd Sunday of June every year. This holiday and parade was created to celebrate those who were of Puerto Rican descent. The largest gathering of this parade is located in New York

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