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After four years of college, a student will have spent approximately 2,000 hours in a lecture hall, classroom or lab. A portion of these hours will be spent in a class called English 101.What is English 101? English 101 is an essay writing class that specifically seeks to sharpen students’ writing skills. To achieve academic success in college and especially in a fundamental course like English 101, a student must get the most out of each class, be organized, and study hard. Woody Allen once said, “Ninety percent of success is showing up”. In order to receive the most of English 101, a student must be present and on time for each class. When a student misses classes, or arrives late they are missing important information that may be on an upcoming assignments or exams. Also, in some cases a student will receive an attendance grade. Although, it may be tempting to miss a class now and then, practically when you have spent all night out or stayed up all night doing homework for another class. This is not okay; when enrolled in a class as fundamental as English 101 regular class attendance cannot be over emphasized. Ultimately good attendance is the only way to get the most information of English 101 and key to passing.…show more content…
Successful college students typically have one thing in common- they are organized. Organization and time management go hand in hand. Remaining on top of assignment due dates is going to be critical to passing English 101. Often, professors will not remind students of due dates and they are responsible for managing their time wisely to insure the assignment is completed. A student could possibly consider using a planner or wall calendar to record project deadlines, events and designated study times. With good time management, a student would have more free time, less stress, and a feeling of being in control which can all lead to success in English

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